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10 Best Places To Buy Rugs Affordably Online In Dubai

10 Best Places To Buy Rugs Affordably Online In Dubai

10 Best Places To Buy Rugs Affordably Online In Dubai

Rugs are way more significant than just being a floor covering and are the kind of element that can majorly influence how a space appears and feels. To have it the other way, if you want to bring about some attractive and also serviceable changes to a certain area without indulging in a lot of effort and expense, all you gotta do is place a nice cute rug there and you’ll be amazed!

Other than aesthetic benefits, rugs tend to be favorable in various other ways too, with comfort provision, safety enhancement, and temperature balancing being the topmost ones. Of course, all these benefits ask for accurate decision-making (rug choice). But in the vast, versatile, and overwhelming rug market of Dubai, this can become somewhat tough and cause indecisiveness.

Top Rug Brand Recommendations In Dubai 

If you can also relate to the above-mentioned aspect, you can stop being concerned as Rug Dubai is here with the perfect rug-buying guide for you. All the brands we’ve reviewed offer amazing and trustworthy services both online and in person.


Fixit Design

Fixit Design is a famous brand in Dubai that not only offers the best rug and carpet varieties but also a plethora of other home decor items and home improvement services. Here, you can find versatile area rug options in both modern and traditional themes and give your interiors much-needed opulence. From requesting free quotes to getting quick deliveries all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you’re meant to have the best online rug shopping experience with this brand.


Contact:  +971 55 472 2980,


Fixit Dubai

Fixit Dubai is a popular brand that has been working in Dubai for many years and has gained a great reputation for providing worthwhile home decor products and services. Not to mention, this brand is also a wonderful spot to shop for the finest and most eye-catching rugs in the comfort of your home (online!). They offer rugs in both natural and synthetic fiber options and you can also have all design details customized to your liking, that too, totally on a budget.


Contact:  +971 5063 79229,


Rugs Dubai

Rugs Dubai is another great recommendation for buying premium-quality rugs online. Thanks to their vast design collections, you can easily get your hands on the best floor covering matches for every desired place, whether it’s a contemporary decor or a traditional one. They also offer customized rug services for requirements like logo printing, moisture-resistant covering, and personalized welcome area decors. The prices are incredibly affordable, as per another perk.


Contact:   043299456,


Design Furniture

Design Furniture is amongst the biggest and most prestigious providers of rugs and you can instantly transform your home or workspace decor with their offerings. As for rugs, they offer a range of fiber, size, shape, color, print, and finish options and you can also get custom rug designing on a budget for unique requirements. Almost all of their rugs come with pre-attached underlayments and you can expect a great deal of performance and longevity from them.


Contact:  +971502136026,


Fixing Expert

Fixing expert

Fixing Expert is a renowned brand in Dubai, UAE where you can find a wide range of high-quality carpets and rugs. They have multiple eye-catching options available for residential use and you can get both bold and minimal rug and carpet designs. Also, they offer a range of classic options like Traditional Medallion patterns, hand-finished and traditional faded patterned carpets, and rugs with which you can create the most outstanding decors.


Contact:  +971502136026,


Carpet Dubai

Carpet Dubai is a popular brand of carpets, rugs, cushions, and other home decor accessories. Here you can find high-quality rugs and carpets in unique shapes and sizes for every area. Other than outstanding floor covering options, you can also get plenty of attractive decor stuff online from here to complement the rugs. The prints, patterns, and colors offered for rugs and floor carpets by this brand are truly unique and can make any area look very luxurious in no time.


Contact:  +971554722980,


The Red Carpets

The red carpets

The Red Carpets is a well-known shop that offers both soft and hard flooring products. Their rug collection is incredibly versatile and you can find amazing options across multiple categories like Modern, Classic, Plain, Mixed Vintage, and Shaggy. They have a rich and eye-catching collection of prints, patterns, and colours and if you’re someone who likes traditional decors, then you can get many breathtaking rug options to choose from at this shop.


Jai Pur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs is a brand famous for providing handmade rugs and carpets online. At this store, you’ll come across versatile collections of floor coverings in attractive prints, patterns, and colors for every space. Also, they provide multiple size options for small carpets, making it easy to obtain a good fit for any area or setting. You can also shop for their rugs from sale offers and save a lot. The rugs offer a decent level of durability and ease of maintenance and are insulating too.


Rug Land Me

Rugland is another wonderful recommendation to check out, when you’re looking for versatile and at the same time, affordable rugs in Dubai. Their rug collection is incredibly vast and impressive with Machine Made, Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted, and Flatweave rugs being the prominent categories. They also provide classy custom-made and outdoor rugs at affordable rates and you can expect a great deal of comfort and usefulness from each option.


Homes Rus

Homesrus is the last recommendation on our list and is a great store to explore not just for rugs but for other home decor and furnishing as well. Other than luxurious and finely designed every-sized carpet for bedrooms and living rooms, they also offer specialized rug options for kids’ rooms. You can also shop for opulent and comfortable door mats and prayer mats from this brand. Their rugs come in many amazing shapes and make a great commercial decor fit too.

Tips For Choosing The Best Rugs In Dubai 

Since you’re on the journey of searching for suitable floor rugs for your places, here’s a handful of buying advice to make the process easy and fruitful for you.

  • Choose low-pile rugs for busy areas like living rooms, walkways, and hallways and high-pile ones for those that do not receive a lot of foot traffic, such as master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and home offices.
  • Your chosen rug shape must complement the surrounding structures and even if you plan on making the rug a focal point in the room, avoid those options that cancel the beauty of other elements around them.
  • Invest in synthetic rugs like nylon or polypropylene ones if stain resistance, durability, and ease of upkeep are your major demands. Refrain from very luxurious options like silk or wool if you’ve a busy household.
  • No matter what rug you choose, always get thorough information about its care and cleaning requirements and avoid very high-maintenance options if you cannot keep up with those procedures or expenses.
  • Whether you use commercial cleaners or homemade recipes, always carry out a patch test first to ensure you don’t end up damaging the fibers of your rugs. Avoid harsh scrubbing and abrasive cleaning tools at any cost.
  • Keep rotating your rugs to make them wear equally from all sides, particularly if they are placed outdoors. If possible, avoid the contact of rugs with excessive heat and moisture.

In The End

This was our time with the 10 Best Places to Buy Rugs Affordably Online in Dubai and we have high hopes that you’ll find this quick guide to be both interesting and helpful. Rugs are always the legit game-changers when it comes to interior improvements and they offer utility in more than one way. Still, every benefit comes down to making the right choices, to get the desired betterment in a certain place and a good value for one’s money as well. With that said as the final thought, we wish you the most delightful rug-purchasing experiences ahead!

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