Versatile And Heavy-duty Rugs For Every Place

At Rug Dubai, we stock the widest varieties of rugs to best provide for every space and taste requirement. Our rugs are available in broad size, color and material options to ideally complement every kind of decor and to help you with easy selections. You can get these high-quality rugs in small, medium and large sizes along with endless colour options. Similarly, the fiber options available for these rugs are highly versatile and include both natural and synthetic options. This way, you can locate the perfect piece according to your lifestyle and area usage.


Yes, our premium-quality Rugs Dubai are specifically designed to withstand high foot fall and other forms of impact damage and remain durable. These rugs can be placed in all busy interiors like hallways, corridors, outdoors and even next to staircases too, without any kind of deterioration. 

Yes, all our rugs in Dubai feature pre-attached underlayment for maximum durability, underfoot comfort, noise reduction and walking safety. These paddings also prevent the rugs from dislocation and keep all sorts of damages caused by friction away, such as ruptures, tears or pile shedding.

For this purpose, you’ll need to consider the decor theme of your room and surrounding elements like anchor pieces. Additionally, the size and shape of the rug must complement the room’s look and don’t clash with or cancel out any nearby objects. Also, the pile height should put up with foot fall.