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Buy our grass carpet in Dubai for enhanced worth and functionality.

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Grass Carpet in Dubai
Artificial Grass Carpets in Dubai
Durable Grass Carpet in UAE


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Add Style & Comfort With Our Green Grass Carpet

Rug Dubai brings the latest variety of artificial turf carpets for instant transformation and functionality to enhancement of your indoor and outdoors. We provide low-maintenance and high-performance grass carpet Dubai to save you from the hectic aftercare routine of natural grass.

Functional Perks

These carpets are soft, durable, waterproof, tear resistant, and don’t require daily watering, mowing, and cutting.

Decorative Features

You can get them with different color ranges, pile densities, shapes, and sizes, and also buy underlayment for cushioning.

Showcasing Our Fake-Turf Variety Below

Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery
Cheap Artificial Grass in Dubai


Fast & Free Delivery

We Are The No.1 Supplier Of Grass Carpets In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We Offer Highly Practical & Durable Grass Carpet

Rug Dubai has come up with the most functional treatment of synthetic grass carpets made from highly robust rubber, polyethylene, and nylon materials. Our high-performance and waterproof artificial grass carpets are a purposeful addition to any residential or commercial indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our synthetic turf offers the most appealing appearance, comfortable surfaces, and a stable area to walk, play, and sit over. As these floor covering essentials are waterproof, durable, and UV-stabilized, they can be easily cleaned and maintained in your residential and commercial spaces.

Best grass carpet for home
Customized Grass Carpets for Home

Benefits of Having Grass Carpet In Home

As the best green synthetic carpet manufacturer, we provide high-performance artificial turf floor coverings with diverse practical and decorative features.

  • Our outdoor green carpet offers the most pleasant and realistic visuals.
  • Made from heavy-duty materials, these floor coverings can withstand high foot traffic.
  • These floor coverings are not just eco-friendly but kids and pet-friendly as well.
  • Our carpets don’t require mowing, cutting, watering, and fertilizers.
  • Help you save on water bills, providing the best value for your investment.
  • These floor coverings are wear and tear, mould, bacteria, and moisture-resistant.

Applications of Our Green Carpeting in Vast Areas

Our grass floorings can be installed in various indoor and outdoor spaces due to their vast versatility and functional aspects. You can fit them in:

Balconies Terraces

event spaces

Event Spaces

Event Spaces
Garden lawns

Gardens Lawns

Grass carpet Dubai
backyard playground

Backyard Playgrounds

Backyard & Playgrounds

Buy Our Grass Carpet At Lowest Prices

At our fake turf carpet shop, you’ll find an exclusive variety of floor-covering essentials at budget-friendly rates. For our carpets, you can get:

Festive Sale Opportunities

You can avail of the featured discount deals on our quality carpet grass prices to cover your floors.

Long Term Serviceability

We provide cheap grass carpet for balcony and landscapes with the assurance of long-term durability.

Best Artificial Grass in Dubai


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Installation Projects


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Hire Us For Grass-like Carpet Installations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Looking for expert fitters of grass carpets near me? We provide you with a certified and efficient team for quick and flawless fake turf installation treatment. To revive the functionality of your spaces, our adept fitters will ensure skillful carpet installation after proper inspection and accurate measurements.

Before fitting, we also lay down the premium quality underlayment that offers stability in walking and sustainability for the long term. Our installation services involve the integration of a proper drainage system for efficient water flow. Also, you can schedule a complementary slot with us to get the damaged portion of your artificial grass repaired with flawlessness.

Fake Grass Carpet for sitting areas

Best Seller Products

Modern Grass Carpet Collection

Why Prefer Us For Grass Carpet Dubai?

Rug Dubai is the leading shop in providing the best grass-like carpets and rugs for decoration and functionality improvement.

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For Buying & Installing Our Grass Carpets Online

Hire our handymen with expertise in carpet grass installation services. With accurate measurements, we install carpets with proper drainage systems.

Quality Artificial Grass In Dubai

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked queries from clients regarding our grass-like carpets are answered in detail below.

These fake turf carpets are the ideal choice for Dubai climate because they are resistant to water, spills, and stains. Because of their durability and exceptional resistance against foot traffic and weather conditions, they can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Yes! This fake turf carpet is made of recyclable materials and, hence, is the safer choice for pets and kids. These carpets are non-allergic, eco-friendly, and highly sustainable, which is why, suitable for allergy-conscious individuals.

Yes! These carpets can be installed over any kind of hard concrete or soft soiled surface. However, the floor must be even, structurally stable, and properly cleaned to ensure a secure and flawless finish without any bumps.

Of course not! These carpets are low maintenance because they don’t require hectic schedules of cleaning. To clean these carpets, you can make the soapy solution in a large tub. Pour this solution over the carpet and using a soft brush, remove all the stains. Vacuum them weekly.

Rug Dubai is a well-known soft flooring company in the United Arab Emirates. You can get durable and highly affordable carpets online from this online shop for your residential and commercial spaces.

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